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markidesade's Journal

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NOTE: The following is from around '09. I'm keeping it up as a little snapshot.

Hello dears! A little info about myself:

I love classic lolita, although I'm currently rebuilding my wardrobe as it was mostly sweet and then switched to nearly nothing. I go to college in Philly currently, studying textile engineering technology (which I have no intention of doing anything with apparel). It's a bit tough to explain exactly what I do in that field, but just know it has nothing to do with fashion design, garment construction, or print design.

I have an addiction to shopping, old school video games, and Deadpool. I absolutely cringe when people decide to make combination of lolita fashion with a character or interest that completely contrasts that style. Yes, I understand it's your creative right, but 90% of the time it's ugly as fuck and I don't have a hot poker nearby or a set of regenerative eyeballs. Also, a design that's 5-10 years old is not vintage! But I digress...

I took an absence from the most of the social aspects of loli for a couple years, but I'm slowly working my way back. A good portion of the "slowly" part is my rebuilding of my wardrobe.

Also, I'm the admin of stoner_lolis. If there are any issues with the comm, feel free to PM me or im me on AIM (madtollbooth).